I purchased a quart of Picklelicious pickles at the Muscoot Farm Market two years ago and was hooked! I couldn’t wait for the next season to buy more (I was up to the gallon size by the end of the summer) so started to purchase my full sour pickles on-line. As my supply of pickles dwindle down to a precious few, I quickly place my order to ensure I won’t have to go without my daily pickle. I now have my son-in-law hooked on Picklelicious Pickles as well as my granddaughters. You just can’t beat a Picklelicious Pickle!

I grew up on store brand pickles, and the first time my brother brought home Picklelicious pickles, I fell in love. They are by far the best pickles I’ve ever eaten. I absolutely love the hot and spicy pickles, and the full sours are also amazing! It wasn’t until I saw their website that I realized they have other items besides pickles. Their sun dried tomatoes are also absolutely delicious! Also, the customer service is amazing, and my orders always come super fast! I just can’t wait until payday to start trying the different olives next!

These pickles are the greatest. I have never tasted any like these before. I have had sour pickles before but none can compare to these. I finally found something that my son doesn’t like and I can save them all to myself, but whoops the problem is I can’t keep them because they are like a Lays potato chip betcha can’t eat just one. My mom loves me to get them because she can find everything to do with the jars. You have a pickle buyer for life as far as I am concerned. I currently reside in a nursing home and my hair dresser has told her family about them so I won’t be surprised if they are not right behind me in line to order pickles. I am afraid to buy less than a gallon of pickles for the fear I will run out like I have done. Since I know they are this good when I see myself getting real low I know I need to order ASAP. Thank you so much for delivering such a reliable product.

When the pickles first arrived at my front door in Birmingham, Alabama I tore into them and took a bite. They weren’t as crisp as I’d hoped but they’d been traveling for two days. After a couple of hours in the fridge they were as crisp as could be, and oh, so sour!!! Wonderful! I wish they sold pickles this good in the south but since they don’t I’m glad I can order them from Picklelicious. I try to make them last but they never make it longer than a week or two.

I just moved to Fort Myers FL this month from Superior WI and I can not find half sour pickles anywhere. My friend In Minneapolis MN got me hooked on them when she took me to a Deli called Morts. I would drive the 2hrs just to get them. I would come home with 5lbs (well 4lbs) I had eaten a 1lb before I even left the city. So I was looking on line to see if I could find them locally and your name popped up. Ive been trying to find a way for my friend to send me some but now I see I can get them from you. I so recommend the half sour (I call them half dills) I got so many peps hooked on them. I don’t even eat reg pickles anymore. They are just a light refreshing pickle. I just hope I have enough room in the fridge for the gallon of pickles Im going to order. If they even last that long.

Received by order and it was just perfect. I wanted to compliment you on the packing of this items. I will be ordering again from you and will tell my friends about you. Thanks Again The most delicious pickles in the world.