Just wanted to let you know how much my family loves your products. It brings back the thoughts of my childhood in the bronx. I’m 62 years old and since I was a child I havent been able to find a pickle that tastes as good as yours. Picklelicious brings whatever your eating to a new level.

My pregnant daughter and I drove 25 miles each way yesterday just to get a gallon of Pickleicious full sour pickles yesterday because NO OTHER PICKLE WOULD DO ! We all know that nobody knows pickles like a pregnant lady! If you have never had a Picklelicious pickle, you have never had a real pickle. We first found Picklelicious at the 4th of July Fair in River Edge when she was a kid and have enjoyed many years of pickles on a stick (and take home!). They are so good that it is just not a complete 4th of July celebration in our house unless we have “the good pickles”. Later we discovered the store in Teaneck, and now they have a website! We are loooking forward to enjoying many pickles and other good treats.

When we moved away from the Teaneck area more than six years ago, we missed Pickle Licious terribly. At holiday times, we would drive the two hours to shop at your store for your delicious pickles, olives, peppers, mushrooms, and a host of other perfectly seasoned foods. Then we discovered we could order everything over the internet. Let me tell you what a wonderful packing job your employees did. Not one drop of liquid escaped! Whenever we’re in your area, you are a stop on our trip. Otherwise, the internet works just fine. Thanks for keeping the high quality in your products. You’re a winner!

Growing up in NYC and living all over the United States during the past 30 years it has been hard to find what my friends in the south call “comfort food.” Having the ability to recreate favorite foods from the past while living in the deep south has been great! Your pickles are the best! While people come to our house to dine, I always serve them what I consider to be the best pickles in the world…..Don’t erase my address to quickly, another order for another gallon will be on its way very soon.

I’m 65 and currently a resident of central Jersey. As a kid I lived in the Bronx and was used to having sour pickles from Sol Yedlin’s Deli on Tremont Ave.. Instead of buying popcorn when we went to the Devon movie theater next door to Sol’s deli we’d go get a pickle and bring it in – what a great memory. Anyway, we moved out of the Bronx in late 1955 and over the next 55 years it became more and more difficult to find pickles that were anyway near as predictably delicious; that is until I discovered the full-sour pickles from Picklelicious. I had tried quite a number of other on-line purveyors and countless stops in my car when I’d see what looked like a legit Jewish deli. I was always let down. Now, when my pickle stash runs down I go straight to Picklelicious!!!

My niece is obsessed with pickles and makes sure we take her to jewish deli’s when she visits us in New Jersey. She cannot get good pickles in North Carolina so I have to send them to her. I recently found out I’m going to be a great aunt and will be sending her pickles again. She loves them!! Thanks for a great product!

Please update my previous testimonial: A hungry note from a native son… I grew up in Teaneck, graduating from THS in 1967. None other than good rye bread from Cedar Lane and full sour pickles make a meal complete for me. I now live in southern Illinois, where a good pickle is impossible to find. I am forever grateful for discovering Picklelicious online. Their full sours are the best. I break into them immediately whenever a new gallon jar arrives, and I go through them really quickly. My mouth waters just to write this. Thank you for saving my gustatory sanity out here on the prairie. Now, if you could just arrange to send some good seeded rye, too… John Hochheimer Murphysboro, Illinois

This testimonial is so easy to write. These Hot & Spicy Pickles are without doubt the very best I have EVER eaten, period. Being born and brought up in Brooklyn during the ’40’s, ’50’s and into the early ’60’s I have become an expert on the subject of kosher full sour pickles. These are better because they added the hot & spicy spices to give them a tantilizing and exciting awakening with every bite. LOVE ‘EM, LOVE ‘EM, LOVE ‘EM. Bobby Estrin (in my heart, Boro Park) Sarasota, FL

This company is without a doubt the best people to deal with whether ordering on line or going to their store. They have shipped to me in Florida and I have purchased in Teaneck. What started out just buying for my house has now grown into neighborhood purchasing. I also lost 40 pounds snacking on their pickles instead of potato chips. There product is wonderful!

I ordered two quarts of sweet pickle chips,for many years i was using a name brand pickle.I was shocked when I ate the first one.These are the best pickles made and the service is also great.I use these for sandwiches and find myself just dipping into the jar for a snack. THANK YOU PICKLEICIOUS FOR HAVING GREAT PRODUCTS AND WILL NEVER BUY ANY OTHER PICKLES. James Oliphant