testimonial 15

“I just moved to Fort Myers FL this month from Superior WI and I cannot find half sour pickles anywhere. My friend In Minneapolis MN got me hooked on them when she took me to a Deli called Mort’s. I would drive the 2hrs just to get them. I would come home with 5lbs (well 4lbs) I had eaten a 1lb before I even left the city. So I was looking on line to see if I could find them locally and your name popped up. I’ve been trying to find a way for my friend to send me some but now I see I can get them from you. I so recommend the half sour (I call them half dills) I got so many peps hooked on them. I don’t even eat regular pickles anymore. They are just a light refreshing pickle. I just hope I have enough room in the fridge for the gallon of pickles I’m going to order. If they even last that long.”