testimonial 13

These pickles are the greatest. I have never tasted any like these before. I have had sour pickles before, but none can compare to these. I finally found something that my son doesn’t like, and I can save them all to myself, but whoops the problem is I can’t keep them because they are like a Lays potato chip bet’cha can’t eat just one. My mom loves me to get them because she can find everything to do with the jars. You have a pickle buyer for life as far as I am concerned. I currently reside in a nursing home and my hair dresser has told her family about them, so I won’t be surprised if they are not right behind me in line to order pickles. I am afraid to buy less than a gallon of pickles for the fear I will run out like I have done. Since I know they are this good when I see myself getting real low I know I need to order ASAP. Thank you so much for delivering such a reliable product.