testimonial 5

“I’m 65 and currently a resident of central Jersey. As a kid I lived in the Bronx and was used to having sour pickles from Sol Yedlin’s Deli on Tremont Ave.. Instead of buying popcorn when we went to the Devon movie theater next door to Sol’s deli we’d go get a pickle and bring it in – what a great memory. Anyway, we moved out of the Bronx in late 1955 and over the next 55 years it became more and more difficult to find pickles that were anyway near as predictably delicious; that is until I discovered the full-sour pickles from Picklelicious. I had tried quite a number of other on-line purveyors and countless stops in my car when I’d see what looked like a legit Jewish deli. I was always let down. Now, when my pickle stash runs down I go straight to Picklelicious!!!”