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We Sell Black Truffle Sea Salt

Black Truffle Sea Salt: Truffles are a genuine treasure imported from Italy. Fusion Black Truffle Salt utilizes the unique power of sea salt to intensify the aroma and complex flavors of this exquisite mushroom. Truffle salt is ideal with egg dishes, pasta, mashed potatoes, red meat… even on buttered popcorn.

Uses: Salads, roasted vegetables, seafood, meats, pasta, finishing, popcorn, bread dipper (w/olive oil)
Ingredients: Sea salt, Black truffle
Product of: Italy

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Black Truffle Sea Salt

Fermented Foods Can Help the Socially Awkward

If you feel totally awkward in social situations, then you need to eat more fermented foods, says science. 

A study by the University of Maryland found a link between fermented foods which contain probiotics – such as kimchi, miso soup, pickles and sauerkraut – and social anxiety.

‘It is likely that the probiotics in the fermented foods are favorably changing the environment in the gut, and changes in the gut in turn influence social anxiety,’ said professor of psychology Matthew Hilimire, who led the research.

He added: ‘I think that it is absolutely fascinating that the microorganisms in your gut can influence your mind.’

Around 700 students were asked to complete a questionnaire about their eating habits, alongside a wider study on social anxiety and neuroticism.

Participants answered questions about their consumption of fermented foods over the previous 30 days, as well as their levels of exercise and average consumption of fruit and veg.

‘The main finding was that individuals who had consumed more fermented foods had reduced social anxiety but that was qualified by an interaction by neuroticism,’ said Hilimire, adding,
‘What that means is that that relationship was strongest amongst people that were high in neuroticism.’

To conclude: eating a diet of kimchi and miso will make you less anxious in social situations – particularly if you’re of a neurotic disposition.

Obviously, it will also lead people to think you’re a bit of a pretentious w*nker. But at least you’ll feel a lot less anxious about it.

Good to know.

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Pickle The Mini Pig Eats Ice Cream

The title pretty much says it all


Kosher Pickles On-line

Kosher Pickle Brand

Pickle Licious is one of the most popular Kosher Pickle Brands on the east coast and they are now selling their pickles on line all across the country. They have been selling their pickles mostly at Farmer’s Markets for over twenty two years in New York and New Jersey.

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The Best Half Sour Pickles

The Best Half Sour Pickles

Half sour pickles are sometimes called “Almost New Pickles.” They are not as green as a new pickle but they are close. Half Sours are still he ultimate fresh cucumber bite with a clean delicious flavor. The also have a light brine flavor to them. Pickle Licious is known for as having the best Half Sour Pickles on the east coast.

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We are at 2 Farmers Markets Sunday.

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We are at 6 Farmers Markets Saturday.

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13 Bad Pickle Jokes!

13 Bad Pickle Jokes!

Q: What happens when you get some vinegar in your ear?
A: You suffer from pickled hearing!

Q: What do you call a pickle you buy at a great price?
A: A sweet Dill!

Q: What do you call a pickle doctor?
A: A dill pusher.

Q: What is the pickle’s philosophy of life?
A: Never a dill moment.

Q: What do you call the pickle that got run over on the highway?
A: Road dill.

Q: What does an agreeable pickle always say?
A: I relish the idea.

Q: What does the non­believing pickle say?
A: You’re gherkin my chain.

Q: Who is the pickles’ favorite artist?
A: Salvador Dilly.

Q: What is the pickles’ favorite classic movie?
A: “To Dill a Mockingbird”.

Q: What’s the pickles favorite game show?
A: Let’s Make a Dill.

Q: Where is the Liberty Dill located?
A: In PhilaDILLphia.

Q: What are pickle’s horrible domestic partners?
A: They’re always Green with Envy.

Q: What do you say to a pickle that is freaking out?
A: Just dill.

Q: What is green and has two wheels?
A: A motorpickle.


We are at 9 Farmer’s Markets This Weekend.

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