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13 Bad Pickle Jokes!

13 Bad Pickle Jokes!

Q: What happens when you get some vinegar in your ear?
A: You suffer from pickled hearing!

Q: What do you call a pickle you buy at a great price?
A: A sweet Dill!

Q: What do you call a pickle doctor?
A: A dill pusher.

Q: What is the pickle’s philosophy of life?
A: Never a dill moment.

Q: What do you call the pickle that got run over on the highway?
A: Road dill.

Q: What does an agreeable pickle always say?
A: I relish the idea.

Q: What does the non­believing pickle say?
A: You’re gherkin my chain.

Q: Who is the pickles’ favorite artist?
A: Salvador Dilly.

Q: What is the pickles’ favorite classic movie?
A: “To Dill a Mockingbird”.

Q: What’s the pickles favorite game show?
A: Let’s Make a Dill.

Q: Where is the Liberty Dill located?
A: In PhilaDILLphia.

Q: What are pickle’s horrible domestic partners?
A: They’re always Green with Envy.

Q: What do you say to a pickle that is freaking out?
A: Just dill.

Q: What is green and has two wheels?
A: A motorpickle.


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