A deliciously healthy snack! From garden to table. We take fresh Cauliflower, Carrots, Celery, and Sweet Peppers and steep them to perfection for a fresh, crunchy, and tangy delight. Use this as a side or just keep it around to munch on.

Price: from $7.00

Hot Pepper Mix

Spicy, colorful mix will add color and loads of flavor to any salad or sandwich or if your brave enough try on their own

Price: from $7.00

Marinated Artichokes

Freshly Marinated Artichoke. More flavorful than the “store” bought. Eat as they are or put them in your pasta or omelets and more.


Marinated Mushrooms

Magical. These are not unlike potato chips, eat one…and you’re under the spell. A lot better for you, though. Serve some up at your next party and watch them vanish in a puff of smoke. Humongous flavor among us!

Price: from $10.00


Sweet and vinegary tart with a little heat. Try them as hors d’ oeuvres or in a sandwich, yum!

Price: from $10.00


Try slicing these on your next pizza! Capsicum annuum (lat.). Sweet, golden and waxy, these Greek classics are mildly hot with disctictively tart flavor. Super popular for salads, sandwiches and granishes.

Price: from $7.00


Did you know? Captain Cook brought sauerkraut on his voyages to prevent scurvy. Sauerkraut is an excellent source of Vitamin C and lactobacilli (as found in yoghurt). Sehr gut and good for you!

Price: from $7.00

Sour Tomatoes

Just like grandma used to make. These tart green tomatoes are pickled with care for a delicious crunchy snack. Slice these into quarters and enjoy them by themselves or at the side of a good sandwich. Zesty old-world taste!


Price: from $10.00

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Fresh, sun-dried tomatoes are a wonderful addition in breads, pastas, and dishes. Sun dried tomatoes are rich tasting and intensely tomato flavored.

Price: from $10.00

Sweet Red Pepper Fillets

Sweet inspiration… Our pickled pepper preparation packs a peck of piquant paradise sooo pleasing to the palate. Perfect for gourmet recipes or as a delicious condiment. Peter Pipers’s prize provision.

Price: from $7.00