How do we ship?

UPS. UPS ground is standard. For customers on the West Coast we recommend 3 day select if ordering our Half Sour pickles.


When do we ship?

Shipping orders are sent out Monday through Wednesday. California Oregon, and Washington are only shipped out Monday’s when shipped UPS Ground.


How do you pack your jars?

All containers are hand packed. This means the top of the  jars are not sealed to hear a pop.

This does not affect the product, but you will not always hear the pop sound.


What kind of container we use to ship pickles and olives in?

½ pint- Plastic

Pint- Plastic

Quart- Plastic

½ Gallon- Plastic

Gallon- Plastic


How many pickles come in a quart?

About 10 depending on the size of the cucumber


How many pickles come in a ½ gallon?

About 20 depending on the size of the cucumber


How many pickles come in a gallon?

About 40 depending on the size of the cucumber


What is the Shelf life of your products?

Pickles- up to 6-8 week (due to the natural fermenting process pickles will age with time)

Olives- up to 3 months in a oil 6-8 weeks in brine

Relish- up to 3 months

Pickled Condiments- 6-8 weeks

Except for the peppadews, sweet red peppers, marinated artichokes- 4 weeks


Do you have “Garlic Pickles”

Our garlic pickles are called Full Sours. Also known as “Deli Style” sometimes referred as Dill (garlicy and salty).


What does a Full Sour pickle taste like?

Garlicy, salty, and packs a punch. Slightly softer pickle, has been in the brine for over 3 months!


What does a Half Sour pickle taste like?

Fresh, almost like a cucumber, crunchy with slight salt taste. At the farmers’ markets these pickles are called “New Pickles”


Are your products Kosher?

Yes, under the RCBC Rabbinical Council of Bergen County


Are your products organic?



Are your products gluten free?



Are your products Vegan?



Do you any products contain nuts?

We do carry  Almond Stuffed Olives, so there is a slight chance of traces of nuts in our facility.


Are any pickles made with sugar?

Sweet pickle chips, Sweet chili chips, Sweet horseradish chips.


Are any pickles made without vinegar?

Half Sours


Do your products need to be refrigerated?

Yes, to prolong the life of the product. Our pickles, olives, relishes and more are made with natural ingredients. Our products stay crisper and cruncher when cold.


My pickles are in a cloudy brine is that safe?

Yes, we use natural preservatives so this does happen the longer the pickles sit in the brine. Half Sours tend to have a clearer brine; Full Sours have a dark muddy brine. Over time it will turn. Make sur to keep them refrigerated to prolong the life of the product.


Do you ship during the summer months?

Yes, we ship UPS with frozen ice packs and insulated bags. We recommend shipping 3-day select if you live on the west coast. We will always make sure the product can sustain the weather before deciding to ship.


Is your sauerkraut raw?

Yes, our sauerkraut is made by fermentation