Can Pickles Burn Fat while Making You Feel Full?

Pickles to lose weight

The top five negative-calorie health foods that burn fat
while making you feel full

#1) Celery.

#2) Lettuce, onions and greens.

#3) Kelp noodles.

#4) Pickles.

Pickles are, of course, made from cucumbers, and cucumbers are themselves a “negative-calorie food” because they’re so sparse in calories. One cup of cucumbers contains a mere 16 calories.

Does that mean one cup of pickles contains 16 calories, too? Well, not exactly. You have to watch out for the sugar content in some brands of pickles. Just pickling cucumbers in

vinegar, water and spices won’t add any calories, but a lot of today’s most popular pickle brands contain added sugar. This typically adds only a slight amount of calories to the food. Dill pickles made from cucumbers, for example, have 17 calories per cup.

So they’re still a negative-calorie food because it takes more than 17 calories to consume and digest them. If you’re looking to lose body fat or maintain a healthy weight, eat all the pickles you want.

Beware, however, of this: Many pickles are made with artificial yellow food coloring chemicals. In fact, I recently checked this out at the grocery store and found that 95% of the pickles sold there were contaminated with FD&C Yellow #5. This chemical should be avoided by everyone — especially children.

So only buy natural pickles made without the yellow #5 food coloring!

By the way, speaking of pickled foods, you can also eat unlimited kimchi and raw sauerkraut as those are also negative-calorie fermented foods (they’re actually good for your digestive tract because of all the probiotics they contain).

#5) Grapefruit.


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