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Pickle Party Bucket Special

Pickle Party Bucket Special

1 or 2 gallons ain’t enough? Try our 5 gallon “Party Bucket”

Never run low again on your favorite pickles! Only $99.00 plus shipping cost.

Great for parties/events or for you “pickle mongers” (it’s ok…that will be our secret).

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Best of Bergen County NJ

Best Specialty Food Market

Pickle Licious voted the Best Specialty Food Market

Pickle Licious
384 Cedar Lane, Teaneck
(201) 457-0500, Picklelicious.com
When you bite into a kosher pickle, you want it to be succulent and crisp and Picklelicious delivers every time. Smell the brine in the pickle barrels or step up to the olive bar or choose some flavorful sea salts or cold-pressed olive oils. So much more than pickles, which would certainly be enough, Picklelicious also offers a penny candy gift baskets and so much more.

Market Basket, Franklin Lakes
A perpetual crowd pleaser, Market Basket gets high marks for its prepared meals, endless meat and cheese selections, and fresh baked goods.


Can Pickles Burn Fat while Making You Feel Full?

Pickles to lose weight

The top five negative-calorie health foods that burn fat
while making you feel full

#1) Celery.

#2) Lettuce, onions and greens.

#3) Kelp noodles.

#4) Pickles.

Pickles are, of course, made from cucumbers, and cucumbers are themselves a “negative-calorie food” because they’re so sparse in calories. One cup of cucumbers contains a mere 16 calories.

Does that mean one cup of pickles contains 16 calories, too? Well, not exactly. You have to watch out for the sugar content in some brands of pickles. Just pickling cucumbers in

vinegar, water and spices won’t add any calories, but a lot of today’s most popular pickle brands contain added sugar. This typically adds only a slight amount of calories to the food. Dill pickles made from cucumbers, for example, have 17 calories per cup.

So they’re still a negative-calorie food because it takes more than 17 calories to consume and digest them. If you’re looking to lose body fat or maintain a healthy weight, eat all the pickles you want.

Beware, however, of this: Many pickles are made with artificial yellow food coloring chemicals. In fact, I recently checked this out at the grocery store and found that 95% of the pickles sold there were contaminated with FD&C Yellow #5. This chemical should be avoided by everyone — especially children.

So only buy natural pickles made without the yellow #5 food coloring!

By the way, speaking of pickled foods, you can also eat unlimited kimchi and raw sauerkraut as those are also negative-calorie fermented foods (they’re actually good for your digestive tract because of all the probiotics they contain).

#5) Grapefruit.


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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030912_negative-calorie_foods_burn_fat.html#ixzz4VOT40cJj


Dr.OZ Lose Weight With Pickles

A few years ago Dr. OZ posted an article on

The Best Weight-Loss Tricks for Your Body

There are many great tips including eat more Pickled foods “The tart, tingling taste on your tongue and helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels.” Read the whole article

 woman shows her weight loss by wearing an old jeans, isolated on white background




Happy New Year

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A Titanic Pickle


Happy Holidays

happy holidays


Don’t Wait! Visit Our Store Today!

Our Store in Teaneck NJ

Pickle Licious

384 Cedar Lane
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Store Hours

Tuesday-Wednesday 10am-6pm
Thursday 10am-7pm
Friday 10am-(One Hour Before Sundown)
Sunday 10am-5pm

Bergen County’s Original Pickle Place or known as Bergen County’s Best Kept Secret!

As you enter our country style store, you immediately inhale the strong smell of pickles brine and flash back to your childhood.

At Pickle Licious you’ll find a wide selection of New York style pickles, from full sour to our classic half sours. Our condiment bar and olive table has a range of your all time favorite noshing items. Stuffed grape leaves, garlic stuffed olives, and marinated mushrooms to name a few. To Hummus, tapenade, and relish’s you’ll find it all.

If you have more of a sweet tooth; our large selection of penny candy will have you mouth watering. From Halvah, to chocolate covered pretzels, malt balls, and jelly rings.

Pickle Licious recently added a couple of new gourmet bars. You can now find a selection of fresh Sea Salts, cold pressed Olive Oils, and an assortment of gifts, from Mason jar coffee mugs, to recycled utensil salt and pepper shakers. We has been researching these products for over a year and half, trying to find the highest quality kosher olive oils and sea salts to bring to our customers.
At our Salt Bar you can find eight different types of fresh sea salts. Ranging from Black Truffle, to Alaea Hawaiian, Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian, Himalayan Pink, Sel Gris, Fleur De Sel, Yakima Applewood Smoked, and Cyprus Flake.

Pickle Licious also brought in a few fusion sea salts that are a blend of natural infused flavors such as Siracha sea salt, Ghost Pepper sea salt, and Lime Fresco to name a few. Perfect for finishing off any meat or seafood dish. All pack with minerals.

Our new Olive Oil Bar features cold pressed oils from Sciabica family in California. Our bar displays each oil in a fusti. Choose from garlic, lemon, lime, basil, jalapeno, and Arbasona. Cold pressed and ready to polish of any dish.

Need a last minute hostess gift? Who wouldn’t love our New York style pickle, olives, and penny candies wrapped with in a ceramic platter or dish, with a stainless steel pickle fork?

Come in and check out our new “bars” at Pickle Licious 384 Cedar Lane Teaneck, NJ 0766 ; you won’t be disappointed!

We look forward to seeing you at our store.


Party Platters

Party Platters

To place your order, call us at our retail store at 201-833-0100

Platters are available at our retail store only.

Pickle spear platter – $30

Regular – full sour, half sour, Kosher dill, sour tomatoes in center with marinated mushrooms, sweet red pepper filets and pitted Kalamata olive garnish.

Or, choose 4 items: Full sour, half sour, Kosher dill, sweet pickle, sweet chili, hot and spicy full sour, hot and spicy half sour, horseradish

Pickled sour tomatoes, pink tomatoes when available.



Pickles chip platter – $20

Choose 4 Items

Full sour, half sour, Kosher dill, new, sweet, sweet, chili, hot and spicy, hot and spicy half sour, horseradish.

Pickled sour tomatoes, pink tomatoes when available.

Olive platter – $40

Choose 4 Items

Cerignola, pitted Kalamata, Mediterranean mix, hot and spicy mix, black Greek, oil cured, hot and spicy oil cured, Alex’s sundried olive mix, Carol’s lemon zest

Stuffed – garlic, pimento, almond, jalapeno


Dip platter – $40

Choose 4 Items

Hummus — regular, lemon-garlic, horseradish, sundried tomato, sweet pepper, hot pepper, Kalamata

Paste – sundried tomato, green olive, black olive

Stuffed Grape Leaves (sold in-store only)


Condiment platter – $40

Choose 4 Items

Peppers — hot pepper mix, sweet red pepper filets, peppadews

Marinated mushrooms, Taylors hot and spicy mushrooms, or artichokes



Sun-Dried tomatoes

Stuffed Grape Leaves (sold in-store only)